As a rule, my work is confidential. For instance, a nice forecasting method turns into a competitive advantage for my customer and I would definitely not publish any detail on this. Although I wrote many thousands of pages of reports and dozens of slideshows (nearly all with reproducible research tools), these were most often under a confidentiality agreement. A few exceptions to confidentiality are for the long-form documentation of publicly released packages and for scientific documents or articles written in collaboration with academic researchers. Here are examples

  • O. Roustant, Y. Deville (2014), "Packages (Re)Dice* pour les computer experiments", Troisièmes rencontres R, Montpellier, 25-27 juin. slides

  • O. Roustant, E. Padonou, Y. Deville, A. Clément, G. Perrin, J. Giorla, H. Wynn (2020) "Group kernels for Gaussian process metamodels with categorical inputs", SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification, 8(2), 775-806.

  • O. Roustant, D. Ginsbourger, Y. Deville (2012), "DiceKriging, DiceOptim: two R Packages for the Analysis of Computer Experiments by Kriging-Based Metamodelling and Optimization", Journal of Statistical Software, 51(1), 1-55

  • C.M. Duluc, L. Bardet, Y. Deville (2014) "L'évaluation des périodes de retour des niveaux marins extrêmes", La Houille blanche.

Mind that there are a number of "Yves Deville" in the academic world.