Some activities related to statistics, applied or theoretical

  • Software adviser for the chair Oquaido devoted to applied mathematics years 2016-2020

    Participation in the development several R packages including kergp.

  • Software adviser in the ReDice consortium 2011-2015 and participation in the Dice consortium 2006-2010

    Participation in the development of several R packages including DiceKriging and kergp.

  • On Cross-Validated, as user "Yves"

  • Member of the American Statistical Association and of the Royal Statistical Society

  • Expert certified by the French Ministère de la Recherche (mathematics) for years 2010-2011

    This opens to tax credit for some performances. I did not request a renewal, because of the painful involved administrative procedures for such a short (two-year) certification, and because no financial support results for self-proposal research or for the participation in academic publications.